LED Crystal Acrylic Ceiling Mounted Module

Top or Side ceiling mounted crystal clear acrylic LED illuminated Picture display modules Ceiling Mounted Crystal Acrylic Module

Detailed Product Description

LED Crystal Acrylic Frame  (Ceiling Mounted)
Min thickness:1cm


  •  Single or double sided Crystal Acrylic LED Illuminated Display Module available in A4, A3, A2, A1
  • The Display Module is made by 3 layers of high quality Acrylic boards. The 1st layer is 3mm thick, the 2nd layer is LGP  and the 3rd layer is a 3mm white back sheet.
  • The LED light source is inset at the two sides of the LGP.

Products Features

  • The Modules are energy saving Adopting 12V supply voltage and LED cold light source, 50,000+ hrs operational use (5.7+ Years running 24 hours a day) with high luminosity, LED with Laser technology.
  • The Posters are changed effortlessly and the modules are lightweight making them portable for easy installation.
  • This product is for internal use, it is of low heat, with no radiation effect and is environmentally friendly 80% power saving over conventional lighting thus making the modules very cost effective.
  • With the high quality optical light guide panel it gives the image a brilliant intensity therefore making it an ideal tool for promotions, advertising and display.


Advertising and promotional display’s in shopping centres, Motor showrooms, Estate Agents, Hotels, Public house’s, Supermarkets, Therapy rooms, Travel Agents, Foyers, Restaurants, Beauticians and High end window displays.

Crystal acrylic ceiling mounted module with side connection Ceiling mounted side connection acrylic module.