The Brushed Aluminium Frames (available in silver or black) can be used in Portrait or Landscape format.

The Aluminium Framed Modules have Silver or Black Brushed Aluminium Frames which are clean and very user friendly and have that WOW factor that is ideal for any business to advertise in the window or just as strikingly on the wall of the boardroom or office. The modules once bought can be used time and again with different advertising promotions, staff photos, special events, all you have to do is supply the artwork or photo for printing and change your poster its that easy, the modules are an investment that have a multitude of display purposes.

Display Module available in A3, A2, A1 and A0

  • The single-sided LED Illuminated Display Module is wall mounted, the Frame is 35mm wide and 25mm thick.  The Frame has four clip open frame profiles allowing quick and easy change and display of your posters.
  • The LED light source is inset at the two sides.

Products Features

  • The Modules are energy saving Adopting 12V supply voltage and LED cold light source, 50,000+ hrs operational use therefore making the modules extreamly economical to run with high luminosity.
  • The Pictures are changed effortlessly due to the clip profile sides, the modules are lightweight which makes them portable for ease of installation.
  • This product is for internal use only, it is of low heat, with no radiation effect and is environmentally friendly with 80% power saving over traditional lighting, remarkably cost effective.
  • The high quality optical light guide panel gives the poster a superior brilliance therefore making it an ideal tool for promotions, advertising and display.

Advertising and promotional display’s in Shopping centre windows, Showrooms, Hotels, Public house’s, Supermarkets, Therapy rooms, Foyer`s, Restaurants, hospitals etc.

wedding, christening, kettle, toaster Snap Corner Profile

The Frame has four clip open frame profiles allowing quick and easy change  of your posters, supplied with added poster protection by way of a perspex cover.