LED Illuminated Antique Wooden Frames.

If you are looking for that elusive extra special gift then one of the LED Wooden Framed Modules would be the perfect truly original bespoke gift that can be updated with new pictures or photos for years to come.

Detailed Product Description

Wooden Frame LED Illuminated Display Module
Min thickness: 38mm


  • Wooden Framed single sided  LED Illuminated Display Modules are available in A4, A3, A2 Antique gold and A3, A2 white/silver detail.
  • The single-sided Display Module is made up of 2 layers of high quality Acrylic boards.  The 1st layer is 3mm thick LGP with a white back sheet all set in a traditional wooden frame in Antique Gold or White with silver detail and 2mm Crystal Clear Acrylic protective sheet with silkscreen shade stripe printed on. The A4 and A3 modules can be free standing or wall hanging the A2 model is wall hanging only.
  • The LED light source is inset at the two sides of the LGP (Light guide Panel)

Products Features

  • The Modules are energy saving Adopting 12V supply voltage and LED cold light source, 50,000+ hrs operational use with high luminosity, LED with Laser technology.
  • The Pictures are changed effortlessly are lightweight and at  the same time they are portable.
  • This product is for indoor use, it is of low heat, with no radiation effect and is environmentally friendly 80% power saving.
  • The high quality optical light guide panel ensures that the picture being displayed is viewed with the maximum radiance of LED lights and crystal acrylic panels combined, this creates a light source that will offer a completely new world of lighting opportunities.

For use in the home to display loved ones, cherished moments, pets, special times etc., Photography outlets, Wedding displays, Jewellers and High end retail outlets.

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Palm, Pheonix, garden, outside, shop, therapy Frame Designs available in different widths.