Artizan hand crafted silk plants are robust, colourful and uniquely lifelike, we have both an indoor and outdoor assortment, to cater for that single plant that makes a statement or several to create a stunning display at cost effective prices that will give year round pleasure... we can provide them all!

Preserved Palm Display

The larger palms have preserved bark trunks and hand crafted leaves, these palms are suitable for outdoor use, the smaller plants are suitable for indoor and limited outdoor use (protected from strong winds and hard frosts).

palm  artificial Washingtonia Palm

Heights from 2 metres ~ 4 metres they are ideal for around the pool or hot tub, landscaped in a group within a rockery in the garden at home or to identify and make a statement around your business, the smaller palms and plants start at 1 metre and are ideal in a conservatory or to give a more luxurious feel to your office, foyer, boardroom, therapy room or retail area being able to fill a dark corner.  The plants look, feel and act like real plants but without the fuss and maitenance, truly beautiful plants.

Coconut Palm

2.5 metre x 2.5 metre palm with preserved bark trunk and hand crafted pinnate or palmate fronds. The palm is a beautiful fuss free palm that will enhance any garden or display, it is an ideal choice to be planted in a pot or secured outside, UV and weather resistant with a 5 year guarentee you will have year round pleasure without the worry of your palm dying because of  bad weather, which makes aftificial palms very cost effective and low maintenance.

Artificial Banana Palm H 2.5m

For information about Hand Crafted Artizan Plants please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stralitzia Regina (Bird of Paradise)
1). Actual Fern Palm 2). Artizan Artificial Fern Palm 3). Group of Artizan Artificial Fern Palms